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AUK Hosts Graduate Intern

03rd Sep 2023 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

AUK hosted graduate intern Jessica Kelly, a student from the University of Buffalo, SUNY, USA. Jessica joined AUK this summer as part of the Graduate Internship program offered by Alumni Affairs and Career Development (AACD).   
Jessica earned her BA in Psychology and is currently pursuing her MED in Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs from University of Buffalo, SUNY. As part of her internship, Jessica was placed in both the Academic Advising Center and Office of Student Life.  
Reflecting upon her time at AUK, Jessica shares, “The overall AUK internship experience provided me with valuable insights into the significance of cultural understanding in the workplace. I learned the importance of taking initiative and stepping out of my comfort zone to grow both personally and professionally. The internship also taught me the value of continuous learning to thrive in a professional environment.”  
Jessica also expresses, “Kuwait is an enchanting country celebrated for its vibrant culture, gracious hospitality, and delectable cuisine. AUK stands out as an expectational institution with a warm and inclusive community. Interacting with the University’s faculty and students has allowed me to gain invaluable insights into the wonders of this remarkable place.” 
Bridging cultures for holistic educational experiences is a fundamental ethos at AUK. Through its unique programs and international internship opportunities, the University distinguishes itself as a pioneering institution in Kuwait. AUK proudly stands as the only university in the country to offer such comprehensive internship experiences. This distinction not only enriches the lives of its students but also places AUK on the global stage as an institution deeply connected with some of the world's top universities.  

Jessica Kelly