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Elevating Financial Literacy: AUK Finance Club Collaborates with CBK for Banking Awareness

16th Jan 2024 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

The Finance Club at AUK recently hosted an event in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) as part of the Diraya Campaign. This initiative focused on underscoring consumer rights and promoting banking awareness.  

Mr. Sadeq Al-Mousawi, assistant manager, fraud, risk monitoring and chargeback operations division, highlighted the pervasive issue of fraud. Mr. Al-Mousawi discussed various scams affecting different age groups, including work-from-home schemes with legal liabilities and deceptive tactics like extracting sensitive card details and one-time passwords (OTPs). 

The session encouraged an open discussion with participants sharing their experiences. Mr. Al-Mousawi provided insightful analysis and recommendations based on these encounters. The discussion also covered the evolving landscape of fraud, emphasizing the role of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in enabling more sophisticated methods. 

The event not only raised awareness of vulnerabilities but also offered practical solutions. Precautionary measures were presented to help attendees safeguard their financial details and protect themselves from the increasing wave of fraud attacks.  

As technology progresses, AUK remains at the forefront of initiatives like these, acting as a cornerstone in providing individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard their financial well-being.  

AUK representatives with Mr. Sadeq Al-Mousawi

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