Library Rules & Guidelines

All users are expected to follow the library rules & guidelines listed below.

  • To respect other users by minimizing noise and conversation.
  • To handle all library materials and facilities with care. Markings (including highlighting, underlining, writing notes, pasting tags, etc.) reduce the lifetime and usefulness of the materials.
  • To behave in a respectful manner towards library staff members, security guards, and other users.
  • Library staff has the authority to instruct the appropriate conduct based on any given situation.
  • To silence all cell phones when in the library.
  • Do not bring food or non-covered cups to the library. Food and drinks can damage books and equipment.
  • Use headsets when playing audio/video materials.
  • Place all rubbish in the bins in order to maintain a clean environment. When using study rooms, make sure to leave them clean and organized.
  • Rooms are intended for groups of 2 or more. A group has priority over an individual’s use of a room.
  • Do not leave your personal belonging unattended in the study rooms or on tables. There are others who need a place to work and study.
  • Do not move library furniture.
  • Do not use electronic cigarettes and/or any vaping devices.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in: The user being asked to modify his/her behavior; The user being asked to leave the library; Having library privileges suspended or revoked; Disciplinary action may also be taken in accordance with applicable University Incident Policy.