Photocopying, Printing and Scanning

Self-service printing, copying, and scanning are available in both floors of the library. Each student is entitled to a free photocopying balance of 250 pages per fall and spring, and 100 pages for the summer course. Photocopiers can be used to scan documents to a USB drive or as an email attachment. In order to start using the service, students need to stop by the library office or send an email to to get their pin code.

Steps for Students

  1. Get your pin code from the responsible librarian on last day of add/drop period.
  2. Your account will be loaded with 250 free copies for each of the Fall and Spring semester, and 100 free copies for Summer semester.
  3. On the black & white copiers, click on the "Keyboard" button. On the color photocopier click on "Alternate login".
  4. Enter your pin code.
  5. Start photocopying or scanning.

Important Notes about Photocopying

  1. If you ran out of free balance, you can purchase additional balance and refill your account at the Finance Department.
  2. Your pin code will remain the same throughout your academic years. Unused balance will not be carried over to the following semesters. It will be reset to "0" by the end of every semester, and then reloaded with the new allowance.
  3. Paper jams do not affect your account - Check your balance
  4. You tried to photocopy and you got a bad/ruined copy
    • Take the bad/ruined copy to the librarian
    • The responsible librarian will handle the approval of refunds upon submission of proof of a bad copy
    • Fill out and sign a refund form
    • The responsible librarian will communicate with IT to adjust the student accounts accordingly
  5. No refund for unused copies when a student finally leaves the University for any Reason.

Photocopying and Printing Charges

Black/White Color
A4 = 18 fils (1 copy) A4 = 72 fils (1 colored copy)
A4 double sided = 36 fils A4 double sided = 144 fils
A3 = 36 fils A3 = 144 fils
A3 double sided = 72 fils A3 double sided = 288 fils
Envelope = 10 fils

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