Registration Date Schedule

Fall Semesters 2022

Advance Registration for Fall 2022 semesters begins on Tuesday, 12 April, 2022 for all currently enrolled AUK students by assigned registration dates through their  AUK Self-Service account. All currently enrolled AUK Undergraduate and Intensive English Program students will be able to register, add, and drop Fall 2022 courses starting at 12:01 a.m. (after mid-night) on their assigned registration date.

Students are encouraged to consult with their Academic Advisor and/or the Academic Advising Center prior to registering for the Fall 2022 semester.

The registration date schedule is based on the hours that you have already earned (including transfer credit). This does not include the hours that you are currently enrolled in.

Registration Date Schedule

10 April 2022 Sunday

Advising begins

12 April 2022 Tuesday

90+ earned hours

IEP Level I and Level II Only*

14 April 2022 Thursday

75+ earned hours

17 April 2022 Sunday

60+ earned hours

19 April 2022 Tuesday 40+ earned hours
21 April 2022 Thursday Advance Registration continues for all students

You can view your earned credit hours via your AUK Self-Service account.

* IEP Semester II students who wish to continue their studies at AUK as an Undergraduate student must apply for admission through the Office of Admissions. All newly admitted Undergraduate students must attend Student Advising and Registration (SAR) in order to meet with their Academic Advisor and register for Fall 2022 courses.