Writing Consultation

WTC provides students with multilingual writing consultations (English, Arabic, French, and Spanish) through individual or small-group sessions in which participants explore ideas through the written word. Student employees are trained in learning support’s best practices. They provide a non-evaluative, reader’s response to students’ writing and help at any stage of the writing process: identifying and understanding audience, developing and expanding ideas, organizing ideas into a coherent whole, researching and evaluating external sources, incorporating external sources, understanding the conventions of academic writing, and communicating ideas clearly. The center’ overarching goal is to inspire a love of reading and writing within the AUK community.

The center offers online writing consultation sessions using the video conferencing application Zoom. These writing sessions provide students with real-time video and audio tools including annotation, screen sharing, and live recording. Students can receive help in organizing ideas, understanding the structure of language, revising tone, and maintaining clarity. We offer assistance in public speaking, presentations, reading, and multimodal writing. We also provide students with resources on writing, public speaking and communication.

The Center organizes workshops every semester to cover general writing topics for First-Year students. Other writing workshops include revising, research writing, citation, and thesis statement writing. Both faculty and students can request workshops for specific topics of interest.

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