Andrei Zavaliy

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Andrei G. Zavaliy is a professor of philosophy at the American University of Kuwait. After receiving his Ph.D. from the City University of New York in 2008 with the emphasis on moral psychology, he continued to expand his research interests and has since published in the areas of philosophy of religion, religious studies, ethical theory, applied ethics and history of ancient philosophy. He has more than twenty article publications in major philosophical journals and has recently published a monograph on the ancient conceptions of courage and cowardice with the Springer Publishers. Before joining AUK as an assistant professor in 2008, Dr. Zavaliy held several teaching positions in USA, including the Long Island University, Hunter College (CUNY), and Nyack College. While at AUK, Dr. Zavaliy’s accomplishments in the field were recognized by promoting him to the ranks of associate professor (2012) and professor of philosophy (2021). His current research focuses on the history and evolution of important ethical concepts, such as shame, guilt, responsibility, and conscience.