Khitam Al Khouli

Associate Professor of Arabic

Khitam Al-Khouli studied Arabic literature at Kuwait University and later earned her master’s degree in Arabic literature and criticism. She then went on to earn her Ph.D. in Arabic literature and criticism from Cairo, Egypt with first honor, dissertation with distinction. 
Dr. Khitam joined AUK in 2008 as an adjunct of Arabic language, then became an instructor of Arabic in 2010, and then as assistant professor from 2011-2017. She was then promoted to associate professor. 
Dr. Khitam published fifteen researches in literature and criticism narrative analysis in reviewed journals. She attended three conferences, two of them were at Ayn Shams University in Cairo. She presented the temporal structure in Ghazi Al Qusaibi novels “Love Story” in 2014, and “The Home Land Imaginary in Palestinian poetic works for Hilal Al Fari” in 2017. The third research “The stages of pain and the voice of contemplation: An approach to As-Sayyab text: Sifr Ayyoub” was presented at Qafsa University in Tunis in October, 2021.
In Kuwait, Dr. Khitam is a member of the following leagues—professional societies in Kuwait and society of child rights, and a member of the Journal Articles Committee. She is also a member of the Egyptian society for literacy and criticism journal.