Irina Konstantinova

Instructor - IEP

Irina Konstantinova earned her B.A. in Modern and Classical languages (2003) from Free International University of Moldova and M.A. in applied linguistics and TESOL (2011) from Ohio University. She currently holds the position of ESL instructor at the Intensive English Program (IEP) at the American University of Kuwait. During her first year at AUK, she was a guided reading course coordinator as well as the member of IEP Assessment and Technology Committees. Presently, she is a coordinator of the silver track writing course and is a member of the IEP Strategic and Planning Committee at AUK. In the last eight years, she has successfully taught different English levels and skills, from foundation to part-time level. She was also involved in a research project that investigated the relationship between cross-linguistic influence and working memory. Irina coordinated and led weekly meetings, oversaw the work of all students involved in this project and participated in data collection and analysis. Her interests include research in second language acquisition, working memory, and transfer.