Donia Georgi

Senior Instructional Assistant, Physics Lab

Donia Georgi received her MSc. in physics and BSc. in physics from Mahatma Gandhi University, India in 1998 and 1996 respectively. She also earned the bachelor’s degree in education from MG University Kerala, in 1999. While working on her MSc, Donia served as a tutor for undergraduate courses. She won a merit scholarship for her BSc. in 1996 for being the university's highest academic achiever among various colleges. Donia began working as a full-time physics teacher at the Indian School of Kuwait in 2004 and taught physics for three years. An appreciation award for her personal contributions towards students’ excellent results was awarded to Donia from the Indian school in 2006. Donia joined AUK in 2007 as an physics lab instructor, and has been promoted to senior instructional assistant for physics lab in 2013. Donia’s interests are in the fields of solid state physics & mechanics.