Mohammed AlSawafta

Associate Professor of Physics

Dr. Alsawafta received his Ph.D from Concordia University in Canada in the field of nanotechnology and photonics. His research focuses on improving optical properties of thin films made of metallic nanoparticles. He has been involved in many projects funded by both private and governmental institutions in Canada to enhance both optical and electrochemical properties of thin films for smart windows and solar cell applications. Dr. Alsawafta is currently serving as a scientific referee for many peer-reviewed journals in the domain of thin film nanotechnology, photonics, and optics. He participated in many international conferences and published more than 13 research papers in international journals. He was a co-supervisor for many undergraduate and master’s students at the Department of Physics at Concordia University. In addition to being active in research, he taught math and physics course for undergraduate students at Concordia University during his Ph.D studies. 
Dr. Alsawafta joined AUK in 2014 as an assistant professor of physics and he has been promoted to associate professor in 2020. He teaches a variety of physics courses for both science and non-science majors.