Raghda ElDessouky

Instructional Assistant, Chemistry Lab

Raghda El-Dessouky is an instructor of chemistry laboratory and biology courses at the American University of Kuwait. She obtained her B.Sc. in pharmacy and biotechnology at the German University in Cairo. Raghda was awarded a fellowship to pursue her graduate studies at the American University in Cairo, where she also worked as a teaching assistant of chemistry in the School of Sciences and Engineering. Raghda obtained her M.Sc. degree in chemistry (with a focus on nanochemistry) at the American University in Cairo, and she was honored for academic excellence. Raghda’s research interests lie in the field of nanotechnology and its applications in the biomedical field. She authored a book chapter on silver nanostructures and their biosensing applications. The book chapter was published in the American Chemical Society Symposium Series in 2012.