Program Overview

The main objective of the Department of Music and Drama is to create a lifelong love of the performing arts while instilling in students an understanding of the complexity of music and drama and the significant role these arts play in society. These goals are achieved through coursework as well as extra-curricular department activities. In this pursuit, students achieve basic proficiency in the following skills:

  1. Practical Skills: Demonstrate an understanding of musical and dramatic components and processes.
  2. Knowledge and Understanding: Develop an understanding of various musical and dramatic cultures, historical periods, and theories of the art.
  3. Transferable, Generic Skills:
    • Interact effectively as part of a team.
    • Communicate and present their work.
    • Evaluate their product and planning process.

The Department of Music and Drama recognizes students who excel in the performing arts. AUK students who graduate with 12 credits of courses that have the prefix MUSC are eligible for the prestigious DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATE in MUSIC. SBSA 370 credits also count towards the music certificate. Several courses, like ensembles, can be repeated for credit, and students can take private lessons, MUSC 110 and 310, up to 4 times each, and each time these credits will be added to the cumulative certificate totals. The DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATE in DRAMA is awarded to AUK students who take 9 credits of courses with the prefix DRAM or who in combination take the following drama-related courses: ARAB 304: Arabic Drama; ENGL 402: History of Theatre and Drama; and ENGL 403: Modern Drama.
The certificates are issued at the departmental level, and students who are highly involved in department plays and concerts as an extracurricular activity (without receiving credit) are also eligible for the certificate upon formal departmental review.