Course Descriptions and Syllabi

FINC 332 Financial Management (3)
Financial statement analysis, pro forma financial statements, time value of money, discounted cash flow, stock and bond valuation, net present value. Sophomore standing or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: MATH 103 or MATH 110 or MATH 201, and ENGL 102 and ACCT 201.
FINC 341 Corporate Finance (3)
Capital asset pricing model, cost of capital, capital structure and dividend policy. Junior standing. Prerequisites: ACCT 205 and FINC 332.
FINC 343 Financial Services Management (3)
The course will focus on operations in financial services management including applications of competitive strategies and explorations of opportunities in various financial services sectors including banking, insurance, and personal finance planning. The course will also examine this sector in the context of the Kuwait financial services companies. Junior standing. Prerequisite: FINC 332.
FINC 345 Investments & Securities Analysis (3)
This course will focus on the financial theories and empirical evidence useful for investment decisions based on risk and returns. It covers optimal portfolio choice, asset pricing models, fixed-income securities, funds’ performance measurement, and a brief introduction to behavioral finance which studies how investor psychology may affect their investment decisions and asset prices in the market. Junior standing. Prerequisite: FINC 332.
FINC 355 Financial Institutions of the Gulf (3)
This course focuses on the financial institutions of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf. It covers the role of the central bank and regulatory authorities, commercial bank operations, securities markets and public-private financing.
FINC 365 International Finance (3)
International Finance addresses financial issues specific to cross-border transactions. It focuses on exchange rates and spot and future markets. It details the mechanics of covered interest arbitrage. Prerequisites: ACCT 205 and FINC 345.
FINC 369 Short Course (1-3)
Topic varies by semester. Classes are taught by a guest lecturer or lecturers. Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Junior standing.
FINC 388 Independent Study (1-3)
Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Junior standing.
FINC 389 Special Topics (3)
An analysis of contemporary issues in Finance. Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Junior standing.
FINC 413 Finance Capstone: International Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions (3)
A capstone course designed for a student's last semester in the university which may include analyses of cases, more in-depth study of specialized topics, current events in finance, financial analysis, and/or financial institutions. Prerequisites: FINC 341, FINC 345, and FINC 355.
FINC 445 Portfolio Management (3)
This course develops modern portfolio theory and applies it to pricing both individual assets and portfolios of assets. Topics include the Markowitz portfolio selection model, the capital asset pricing model, arbitrage pricing theory, options. Futures bonds, portfolio performance measurement, and issues of market efficiency. Senior standing. Prerequisites: FINC 332 and FINC 341 and FINC 345.
FINC 470 Internship in Finance (1-3)
An internship experience with the requirement that the student write a report summarizing what the internship job added to his or her knowledge of Finance and related fields. Students are limited to a maximum of 3 internship credit hours for any major and 6 credits overall. Permission of instructor. This is pass/fail course.

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