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Their tricks beneath the father sun,

And bird he starved, he stiffened worm;

We raced on roads and ice to keep

The phantom of the snowwreath melt,

Earth has to fill her empty wells,

Their faces are a glass to greet

And speed the service of the nest;

To see Life's formless offspring and subdue

That her sons over seas in a rally of praise may behold a thrice

For a Heracles in his fighting ire there is never the glory that

With lamps for day in ghostly rows,

A City clothed in snow and soot,

Can an enemy wither his cheer?Not you, ye fair yellowflowering

When these two meet, a point of time is ours.

Who join with your lords to jar the chords of a bosom heroic, and

He would bend tough oak, he would stiffen the reed, point Reason to

While stands he yet in his grime and sweatto wrestle for fruits of

This magic of the whirl for South.

For iron Winter held her firm;

to run in a stream:

Future in trust.

Sprung of the father blood, the mother brain,

A City clothed in snow and soot,

Bid Britons awake two steps to take where one is a trouble extreme

'Tis the faltering friend, an inanimate land, may drag a great soul

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