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One of two things," thought he. "Either she loves Simonson anddoes not in the least require the sacrifice I imagined I wasbringing her, or she still loves me and refuses me for my ownsake, and is burning her ships by uniting her fate withSimonson." And Nekhludoff felt ashamed and knew that he wasblushing.

Nekhludoff recalled to his mind chains, shaved heads, fightingdebauchery, the dying Kryltzoff, Katusha and the whole of herpast, and he began to feel envious and to wish for what he sawhere, which now seemed to him pure and refined happiness.

Is she not pretty? She's only two years old, you know."

Are you ready?" the Englishman asked.

The Englishman had a trap of his own, and Nekhludoff, having toldthe coachman to drive to the prison, called his isvostchik andgot in with the heavy sense of having to fulfil an unpleasantduty, and followed the Englishman over the soft snow, throughwhich the wheels turned with difficulty.


She's taking the Prince to see her babies," the General shouted,laughing from the cardtable, where he sat with his soninlaw,the mine owner and the aidedecamp. "Go, go, pay your tribute."


Why should you live here and suffer? You have suffered enough."

On the contrary, I am very much interested," said Nekhludoff,touched by this overflowing, happy motherlove. "Please let mesee them."

There were more than 20 who could.

The dismal prison house, with its sentinel and lamp burning underthe gateway, produced an even more dismal impression, with itslong row of lighted windows, than it had done in the morning, inspite of the white covering that now lay over everythingtheporch, the roof and the walls.

She got over her emotion and quietly told him all she knew.Kryltzoff was very weak and had been sent into the infirmary.Mary Pavlovna was very anxious, and had asked to be allowed to goto the infirmary as a nurse, but could not get the permission.

Yes, the jailer told me."

Yes, the jailer told me."

So that as soon as the original document arrives you may comeaway and settle where you like. We shall consider"

The imposing inspector came up to the gate and read the pass thathad been given to Nekhludoff and the Englishman by the light ofthe lamp, shrugged his fine shoulders in surprise, but, inobedience to the order, asked the visitors to follow him in. Heled them through the courtyard and then in at a door to the rightand up a staircase into the office. He offered them a seat andasked what he could do for them, and when he heard thatNekhludoff would like to see Maslova at once, he sent a jailer tofetch her. Then he prepared himself to answer the questions whichthe Englishman began to put to him, Nekhludoff acting asinterpreter.

Well, would you like to look round the cells now?" the inspectorasked.

And you yourself, do you love him?" he asked.

The Englishman asked if the young man had long been ill. Theinspector said that he was taken ill in the morning, but that theold man had long been suffering with pains in the stomach, butcould not be removed, as the infirmary had been overfilled for along time. The Englishman shook his head disapprovingly, said hewould like to say a few words to these people, asking Nekhludoffto interpret. It turned out that besides studying the places ofexile and the prisons of Siberia, the Englishman had anotherobject in view, that of preaching salvation through faith and bythe redemption.

So that as soon as the original document arrives you may comeaway and settle where you like. We shall consider"

I have not suffered. It was good for me, and I should like to goon serving you if I could."

How many persons is the prison built to hold?" the Englishmanasked. "How many are confined in it? How many men? How manywomen? Children? How many sentenced to the mines? How manyexiles? How many sick persons?"

The Englishman took several bound Testaments out of a hangbag,and many strong hands with their hard, black nails stretched outfrom beneath the coarse shirtsleeves towards him. He gave awaytwo Testaments in this cell.

Am I to go?" she asked, noticing that the Englishman waswaiting.

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