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On the contrary, I am very much interested," said Nekhludoff,touched by this overflowing, happy motherlove. "Please let mesee them."

Forgive me," she said so low that he could hardly hear her.Their eyes met, and Nekhludoff knew by the strange look of hersquinting eyes and the pathetic smile with which she said not"Goodbye" but "Forgive me," that of the two reasons that mighthave led to her resolution, the second was the real one. Sheloved him, and thought that by uniting herself to him she wouldbe spoiling his life. By going with Simonson she thought shewould be setting Nekhludoff free, and felt glad that she had donewhat she meant to do, and yet she suffered at parting from him.

The imposing inspector came up to the gate and read the pass thathad been given to Nekhludoff and the Englishman by the light ofthe lamp, shrugged his fine shoulders in surprise, but, inobedience to the order, asked the visitors to follow him in. Heled them through the courtyard and then in at a door to the rightand up a staircase into the office. He offered them a seat andasked what he could do for them, and when he heard thatNekhludoff would like to see Maslova at once, he sent a jailer tofetch her. Then he prepared himself to answer the questions whichthe Englishman began to put to him, Nekhludoff acting asinterpreter.

Yes, the jailer told me."


I will not say goodbye; I shall see you again," saidNekhludoff, holding out his hand.

Yes," said the mother, with a smile full of meaning.

The same thing happened in the second cell. There was the samefoul air, the same icon hanging between the windows, the same tubto the left of the door, and they were all lying side by sideclose to one another, and jumped up in the same manner and stoodstretched full length with their arms by their sides, all butthree, two of whom sat up and one remained lying, and did noteven look at the newcomers; these three were also ill. TheEnglishman made the same speech and again gave away two books.

We do not want anything," she said, and looked at him.

The young woman, visibly excited by the thought that judgment wasabout to be passed on her children, went quickly towards theinner apartments, followed by Nekhludoff. In the third, a loftyroom, papered with white and lit up by a shaded lamp, stood twosmall cots, and a nurse with a white cape on her shoulders satbetween the cots. She had a kindly, true Siberian face, with itshigh cheekbones.

In the third room four were ill. When the Englishman asked whythe sick were not put all together into one cell, the inspectorsaid that they did not wish it themselves, that their diseaseswere not infectious, and that the medical assistant watched themand attended to them.

A splendid boy," said Nekhludoff, as he looked at the littlefatty lying asleep on his stomach.

But she again interrupted him, as if afraid that he might say toomuch or that she should not say all. "No, Dmitri Ivanovitch, youmust forgive me if I am not doing what you wish," and she lookedat him with those unfathomable, squinting eyes of hers. "Yes, itevidently must be so. You must live, too."

Yes, the jailer told me."

Directly," replied Nekhludoff and asked her about Kryltzoff.

The nurse rose and bowed. The mother stooped over the first cot,in which a twoyearold little girl lay peacefully sleeping withher little mouth open and her long, curly hair tumbled over thepillow.

She got over her emotion and quietly told him all she knew.Kryltzoff was very weak and had been sent into the infirmary.Mary Pavlovna was very anxious, and had asked to be allowed to goto the infirmary as a nurse, but could not get the permission.

I have not suffered. It was good for me, and I should like to goon serving you if I could."

Dear friend," wrote Selenin, "our last talk has made a profoundimpression on me. You were right concerning Maslova. I lookedcarefully through the case, and see that shocking injustice hasbeen done her. It could he remedied only by the Committee ofPetitions before which you laid it. I managed to assist at theexamination of the case, and I enclose herewith the copy of themitigation of the sentence. Your aunt, the Countess KaterinaIvanovna, gave me the address which I am sending this to. Theoriginal document has been sent to the place where she wasimprisoned before her trial, and will from there he probably sentat once to the principal Government office in Siberia. I hastento communicate this glad news to you and warmly press your hand.

The Englishman had a trap of his own, and Nekhludoff, having toldthe coachman to drive to the prison, called his isvostchik andgot in with the heavy sense of having to fulfil an unpleasantduty, and followed the Englishman over the soft snow, throughwhich the wheels turned with difficulty.

On the contrary, I am very much interested," said Nekhludoff,touched by this overflowing, happy motherlove. "Please let mesee them."

Yes, the jailer told me."

I quite understand that you had to do it. You pity a politicalprisoner and wish to see him. And the inspector or the convoysoldier accepts, because he has a salary of twice twenty copecksand a family, and he can't help accepting it. In his place andyours I should have acted in the same way as you and he did. Butin my position I do not permit myself to swerve an inch from theletter of the law, just because I am a man, and might beinfluenced by pity. But I am a member of the executive, and Ihave been placed in a position of trust on certain conditions,and these conditions I must carry out. Well, so this business isfinished. And now let us hear what is going on in themetropolis." And the General began questioning with the evidentdesire to hear the news and to show how very human he was.

We do not want anything," she said, and looked at him.

Well, Dmitri Ivanovitch, you see he wishes me to live withhim" and she stopped, quite frightened, and corrected herself."He wishes me to be near him. What more can I desire? I must lookupon it as happiness. What else is there for me"

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