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Carrie Meeber, she said slowly. Three hundred and fifty-four West Van Buren Street, care S. C. Hanson.

Yes, her father brought her over for this last London season. I met her several times, became engaged to her, and have now married her.

Drums rolled and fires leaped up The great doors of the Black Gate swung back wide Out of it streamed a great host as swiftly as swirling waters when a sluice is lifted

I was ashamed. I turned round and said to him--

Leonard Woolf.

Her father shuddered at the selfish speech. There were tears in the girls voicehe looked at her, and thought that he saw tears beneath her lowered eyelidstears caused not so much by the disappointment as by one of the troubles of early youth, a secret easily guessed by an old father. Suddenly Julies face flushed, and she uttered an exclamation. Neither her father nor the sentinels understood the meaning of the crybut an officer within the barrier, who sprang across the court towards the staircase, heard it, and turned abruptly at the sound. He went to the arcade by the Gardens of the Tuileries, and recognized the young lady who had been hidden for a moment by the tall bearskin caps of the grenadiers. He set aside in favor of the pair the order which he himself had given. Then, taking no heed of the murmurings of the fashionable crowd seated under the arcade, he gently drew the enraptured child towards him.

LATER.It is rumoured as we go to press that Mr. John Hector McFarlane has actually been arrested on the charge of the murder of Mr. Jonas Oldacre. It is at least certain that a warrant has been issued. There have been further and sinister developments in the investigation at Norwood. Besides the signs of a struggle in the room of the unfortunate builder it is now known that the French windows of his bedroom which is on the ground floor were found to be open, that there were marks as if some bulky object had been dragged across to the wood-pile, and, finally, it is asserted that charred remains have been found among the charcoal ashes of the fire. The police theory is that a most sensational crime has been committed, that the victim was clubbed to death in his own bedroom, his papers rifled, and his dead body dragged across to the wood-stack, which was then ignited so as to hide all traces of the crime. The conduct of the criminal investigation has been left in the experienced hands of Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, who is following up the clues with his accustomed energy and sagacity.

It seemssto be remarkably well put up, said Mr. Barnstaple.

This cousin was a worthy man, about fifty years of age. But, notwithstanding his fifty years, it would not have been prudent to let him go out alone. Long, rather than tall, narrow, rather than thin, his figure bony, his skull enormous and very hairy, one recognized in his whole interminable person one of those worthy savants, with gold spectacles, good and inoffensive beings, destined to remain great children all their lives, and to finish very old, like centenaries who would die at nurse.

Confound it ,

Hortulus Animæ,

a fine place-kick, it,

One of them asked her: What do you want, madame?

Carrie Meeber, she said slowly. Three hundred and fifty-four West Van Buren Street, care S. C. Hanson.

Confound it ,

You have saved me she cried, and tears of joy flowed fast.

No, replied young Monsieur de Soulas, he is raising the kiosk on a concrete foundation, that it may not be damp.

Two days later found me at the Hotel National at Lausanne, where I received every courtesy at the hands of Moser, the well-known manager. Lady Frances, as he informed me, had stayed there for several weeks. She had been much liked by all who met her. Her age was not more than forty. She was still handsome and bore every sign of having in her youth been a very lovely woman. Moser knew nothing of any valuable jewellery, but it had been remarked by the servants that the heavy trunk in the lady

All right, Sam, said Cotton Choose a lad or two, and go and fetch him to my house Youll not have need to go near the old Hobbiton village over Water My Jolly here will show you

One morning something over a year ago a queer little man came to my office. He told me his name, Scroggie, but refused to give me any address. He said he wished to make his will and insisted that I draw it up. It was a simple will, as I remember it, merely stating that 'I something-or-other, Scroggie, hereby bequeath all my belongings, including land and money, to Frank Stanhope.' I made it out exactly as he worded it, had it sealed and witnessed and handed it to him. But the old fellow refused to take it. I asked him why, and he said: 'You keep it safe until I send for it. I'm willin' to pay for your trouble.'

All right, Sam, said Cotton Choose a lad or two, and go and fetch him to my house Youll not have need to go near the old Hobbiton village over Water My Jolly here will show you

look quite the man you did when I threw you over the ropes into the crowd at the Old Deer Park. I expect I have changed a bit also. But it

AssI have already explained, there issonly One Soul, One Being, One Essence. Some of you call thissGod. ThissSingle Essence individuatessItself assEverything In The Universe-in other words, All That Is. Thissincludessall the sentient beings, or what you have chosen to call souls.

what I said. But then, when the man commits burglary in order to break images which are not his own, that brings it away from the doctor and on to the policeman.

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