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Horse by a blackleg, broadcloth by a tailor,

crumble like that of others.

it is the flower of Love, it requires that we forget ourselves

come from the heart, and from a deep sense of personal dignity.

success less rapidly, but when attained it is solid and does not

If you take this view of society, in which you are about to seek a

irresistible; imagine therefore what it is when it takes its

inspiration from the heart. Politeness, dear, consists in seeming

place in keeping with your intellect and your faculties, you must

benefits which society bestows on men; in accordance with the

aside when personal selfinterest shows its clovenfoot; a noble

crumble like that of others.

him; later, you will find the same men caught by the thorns which

have instinctive good taste and only need a few lessons to give

my jurisprudence has a flavor of the court and of the training I

If they were fitted for the purposed cage:

trained, illtaught, incapable of measuring the future, who are

safest and surest instruments for your success. In this selfish

The manners of many who are brought up in the traditions of the

them excellent manners without any signs of awkward imitation.

man pays his debt in his own way. When our poor toiler at the

received as a Lenoncourt. My dear friend, I do attach great

Fee by a counsel, felon by a jailor,

of care and vigilance is everywhere in proportion to profits. Each

have instinctive good taste and only need a few lessons to give

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