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It is I here, I' he shouted, glancing down with supremacy;

Then, rejoiced, the stripling answered:'Rule of day give me; give

Down their flanks, while they impatient pawed desire of the

'O lost son of mineNo

And the bit with fury champed.Oh

Having sworn by Styx tremendous, for the proof of his parentage,

Was the pressing on of seawaves scattered broad from the rocks

In the light of him there is music thro' the poplar and riversedge,

Doublevisaged stand the mountains in imperial multitudes,

Till I drink the shadows, firehot, like a flower celestial,

In the light of him there is music thro' the poplar and riversedge,

Their diverging tempers dwelt on, and their wantonness, wickedness,

'Not to any of you was this gift granted ever in annals of men;

Fill them up, till hearts of men bound as the billows, the ships

Marked that labour by his sister Phaethontiades finished, quick

I alone what only Gods can, I alone am governing day'

And my fellows see me curbing the fierce steeds, the dear dew

Thus intently urged the SunGod; but the force of his eloquence

On the slope of the car his forefoot set assured:and the morning

Renovation, chirp of brooks, hum of the forestan oceansong.

Chafed the youth with their spirit surcharged, as when blossom is

Swift the ripple ripples follow'd, as of aureate Helicon,

Looked and moaned, and urged him for love's sake, for sweet life's

'By the oath thine oath' cried.The effulgent foreseer

If this woe might be averted, this immeasurable evil,

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