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Holistic Student Engagement

The Division of Students Affairs works on providing the AUK student with a holistic student experience that connects them with all the tools available for them at AUK while educating them on the concepts of a liberal arts education. In collaboration with the Library, the First-Year Experience, and the English Department, opportunities are provided to engage the student body in campus life, while providing them with the support needed to enhance their education.
In addition to the five modules below, the Division of Student Affairs offers a Leadership Program and a Peer Mentorship Program to further enhance AUK students' holistic experiences.


LEARN with Student Life
Leadership, Engagement, Acceptance, Responsibility, Nurture 

The Office of Student Life offers presentations that discuss Student Code of Conduct, its violations, and process to report an incident, in addition to information on clubs, sports, and Student Life events.
These presentations are mandatory for UNIV100 students.

THINK with the Counseling Center
Teamwork, Health, Identity, Nutrition, Knowledge 
The Counseling Center offers workshops in the Art Therapy Room over a variety of topics covering stress, anxiety, organization skills, and other topics.
These presentations are mandatory for UNIV110 students.


The Office of Alumni Affairs and Career Development offers six info-sessions presenting on the following topics: 

  • How to choose your major? 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Where are our alumni? 
  • Student employment at AUK

These presentations are mandatory for UNIV100 students.

DegreeWorks with Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Center offers workshops on how to use DegreeWorks, covering the following topics: 

  • Important advising and registration information 
  • General academic requirements (i.e. maintain a good standing status, GPA calculation, academic resources) 
  • Students are provided with a 2-year plan worksheet to fill out  

These presentations are mandatory for UNIV100 students.

Writing with LSS

The Writing Center offers workshops that cover the following:

  • Critical reading and summary
  • Documentation and MLA guidelines 
  • Analysis workshop
These presentations are mandatory for UNIV100 students.