About Us


Lead@AUK seeks to enhance leadership skills and to provide participants with information and skill sets on how to be effective leaders on campus and in the professional world, the program has been carefully crafted to deliver these objectives, while laying the bricks to a stronger foundation for the participants to become the best version of themselves in their everyday life and their professional future.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:
  • Set specific goals that provide direction and hold them accountable
  • Gain an understanding of how their own identities impact leadership and how they can utilize and develop their natural skills for their own benefit and the benefit of all
  • Develop skills in conflict management, teamwork, time management and communication
  • Seek opportunities that motivate them
  • Learn to take control and ownership for their personal, academic and professional lives
  • Expand their awareness on ways to give back to the community
  • Enhance their negotiation skills
  • Work through different learning stages in life
  • Learn systematic ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles