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The Division of Student Affairs believes that involvement is an important component of a well-rounded college experience, and that students are more apt to be successful if they lead a balanced academic and social collegiate life. The departments within the division are devoted to providing the student with an environment that enhances their academic life and encourages social growth and maturity.

I ​would like to extend a warm welcome to all students to the Division of Student Affairs at AUK. 
Engagement and participation in extracurricular activities, day-to-day events, and campus life are important aspects of your university experience. This is precisely the mission of the Division of Student Affairs.
The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) oversees the following offices—Academic Advising Center (AAC), Office of Student Life, and Counseling Center. The Dean's Office strives to provide students with all the tools and support they need to achieve overall success and well-being throughout their university experience. 
The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is committed to students' academic success. AAC advisors empower students to take an active role in their education by guiding students to a deeper understanding of the liberal arts curriculum. The AAC offers academic advising, educational planning, course selection, retention initiatives, and assistance with registration to undeclared students.
The Counseling Center (CC) is concerned with students' well-being as they navigate their AUK experience. The Center ensures the availability of adequate resources that ensure AUK students’ physical and mental health byproviding personal counseling, disability accommodations, coaching, therapy sessions and opportunities, and adequate clinical support for minor illnesses and injuries.
The Office of Student Life (SL) is critical in developing a community of diverse critical thinkers and competent leaders who will continue to pursue lifelong learning. Student Life offers programs, services, and opportunities that encourage students to participate in meaningful activities outside of the classroom.
We invite you to visit the Division of Student Affairs to become acquainted with our departments, activities, and events and learn about the many resources available to you. Our Student Affairs staff are trained professionals who are here to help you throughout your time on campus.
I welcome you to AUK on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs and look forward to meeting you and being a part of your university journey!

Hala Al Abdulrazzaq,
Dean of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs strives to provide a comprehensive array of effective programs and services designed to support students from matriculation to degree completion and beyond, facilitating personal and academic development and promoting lifelong learning which sustains a mutually beneficial relationship with the University.


  • Maintain services and programs which facilitate students' mental and physical wellbeing, thus enabling them to succeed academically and socially.
  • Enhance effective course selection and advancement toward obtaining the degree by developing academic planning and decision-making skills.
  • Improve study skills by developing critical thinking and literacy skills towards better understanding of course content.
  • Facilitate opportunities for students which are designed to promote social integration, global awareness, personal growth, collegiality, and fairness.
  • Foster relationships with internal and external communities through programs and services designed to create and sustain a lasting commitment to the American University of Kuwait.
  • Provide opportunities to enrich lives beyond the traditional classroom setting through lifelong learning initiatives.

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