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Degree Works is a comprehensive web-based academic advising solution that helps students (with guidance from their advisor) develop academic plans, fulfill academic requirements, and graduate on time. 


  • Understand degree requirements more clearly
  • See where courses fit within requirements and what still needs to be fulfilled
  • Plan a change of major/minor using the What-If Scenario feature
  • View all courses transferred from another institution
  • View cumulative GPA and credit hours completed (progress)
  • Calculate GPA based on grade forecasts
  • Plan an academic path that is clear and allows students to graduate on time
  • Become more independent and responsible (students can access and plan independently without relying solely on an advisor)
  • Stay on a direct path to graduation without taking any courses that exceed degree requirements


  • Conduct more effective advising sessions
  • Gain greater transparency of individual student academic records
  • Use clear and consistent degree plans
  • View student progress toward degree requirements
  • Acquire  greater capability to foster student success


  • What-If – students and advisors are able to select different majors/minors the student is interested in to see how different requirements may affect progress toward degree completion.
  • Look Ahead – students and advisors are able to see how courses students plan to take in the future will affect degree progress.
  • Notes – advisors are able to clearly communicate their advice to students, who can view the advising notes on their Degree roadmap at any time.
  • GPA Calculator – students are able to estimate the grades needed to achieve a desired overall GPA.

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