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eLearning Resources - Spring 2020 Completion

This page provides you with information on eLearning as well as a list of available resources and technologies that can assist you with remote learning and interactions. Our current eLearning platform creates a virtual space for faculty and student engagement. This is not exclusive to the courses that are currently offered, but extends into our learning support environment such as tutoring, writing consultations, counseling and disability services, registrar, scholarship and financial aid, and library services.
All University operations will be available online (administrative and academic units), inclusive of “Virtual Office Hours” for faculty to interact with students.

eLearning for Spring Completion is mandatory, there will be no opting out. Student can withdraw as per regular University operations. Refer to Academic calendar for details on deadlines.

Method of Instruction:

  • Classes will be held in real time, i.e. synchronously, according to the class schedule. Asynchronous components will be added to improve delivery.  Faculty will provide virtual office hours to allow for one to one interaction with students if needed.
  • For quality assurance purposes, login to Zoom and WebEx for virtual classes will be via Moodle.

Required Equipment:

  • Steady internet connection
  • Computer, laptop, tablets, or smart phones
  • Microphones and headsets
  • Cameras
  • A quiet space
  • Other requirements as indicated by the instructor


Syllabi and Grading for eLearning:

  • AUK’s current grading scale and policy will be applied, and the grade will be reflected in the students’ GPA.
  • Course Syllabi will be available on Moodle. They will include information pertaining to capstones, labs, participation/attendance, assessments, and other information.

Attendance, Assessment, and Graduation:

  •  AUK’s attendance policy applies to eLearning, with an adjustment:
    • Tardiness for up to 15 minutes is to be tolerated to account for technical issues.
    • Further accommodations by Faculty will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  • Online participation and engagement with the professor and/or class peers, and the course material is expected as per course syllabi.  
  • There will be no online quizzes or examinations. Take home assessments can be given with a submission deadline no less than 5 hours.

Code of Conduct:

  • Student Code of Conduct and Code of Academic Honesty and Integrity will be applied, in addition to the following specific to Virtual classes:
    • Video-recording of class sessions (by Instructor and/or student) is prohibited. 
    • The privacy of the session is to be maintained (no other members of the household to be available during the session).
    • Dress Code applies to Virtual classes. All participants in the Virtual class should ensure proper attire and setting (blurred background can be used to accommodate settings).

Moodle is the main gateway to access eLearning at AUK.

  • Moodle is available at, and is accessible through devices such as Windows or Mac-based desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones (via app available in the app store).
  • Log into Moodle with your AUK credentials and locate your class on main page or in dashboard.
  • It is preferable to use laptops and desktops as some features might not be available on smartphones (such as collaborating on note-taking, breakout rooms, and polling).

In addition to Moodle, students have the ability to download the Office 354 Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams)

  • The Library services and resources are available online. Detailed information can be found here: If you require any further Library assistance with library resources, please send an e-mail to
  • Student Affairs services and resources are available on Moodle, in addition to the following:
    • Download MS Teams from the Office 365 suite to chat with Student Affairs Staff on
    • Tutoring and writing consultations are offered via Zoom. For more information, email
    • Students with disabilities can receive coaching and counseling online and via Zoom and/or WebEx, in addition to other accommodations as deemed needed for online instruction. For more information, email
    • The Academic Advising Center will guide undeclared students and probation students online and via Zoom and/or WebEx. For more information, email
    • Career guidance is offered online and via Zoom and/or WebEx. For more information, email
  • For technical support, email
  • For financial queries, email
  • For registration and academic records, email
  • For scholarship and financial aid, email

  • Read the course syllabi and instructions provided by your Instructor carefully.
  • Prepare yourself as you would for going to class on campus.
  • Select an area in your house and/or room that is quiet, organized, and ready with all necessary tools, inclusive of your textbook(s), notepad, and pen.
  • For synchronous learning, be ready to connect 5 minutes before class time.
  • Create your own personalized calendar for the asynchronous learning experience.
  • Discuss your progress with your faculty and your advisor.
  • Connect with your faculty during virtual office hours.
  • Connect with your classmates for support.
  • Connect with the Counseling Center at to assist you in managing your wellbeing.

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