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The Dartmouth-AUK Partnership: Transcending Borders Since 2003

19th Jul 2022 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

A 19-year partnership is no small feat. The question is, how do the American University of Kuwait (AUK) and Dartmouth College transcend borders to bridge a multinational, cross-cultural population to form a community of informed, worldly, lifelong learners?  
This year’s activities are a great example of how this relationship has been sustained throughout the years and still remains solid.  
One key event that took place was Dartmouth’s visit to the AUK campus, which happens frequently, where members from both institutions visit each other to catch up on various academic improvements and maintain relations, thus venturing into new collaborative initiatives.   
For this year’s week-long visit, AUK warmly welcomed the Dartmouth-AUK Program executive director/relationship coordinator, Professor Dale Eickelman, and Dartmouth-AUK Program deputy director, Ms. Kerry Laufer. A range of meetings with the AUK president, Dr. Rawda Awwad; executive vice president, Ms. Amal Al-Binali; deans, directors, faculty, administrators, and interns took place.  

Ideas were exchanged and discussions took place that fostered an environment of growth among the two institutions. Representatives from either side of this cross-cultural bridge met halfway and shared objectives and discussed initiatives to further expand the scope of their partnership.  

The Dartmouth party visited classes that showcased AUK’s pedagogy. AUK brings the world into its classroom and vice versa—this can be reflected in Professor Eickelman and Ms. Laufer’s interaction with the students where both parties engaged in open discussions, affirming AUK’s liberal arts values and high educational standards.  
The concluding proceedings of the week included a presentation by Professor Eickelman and Ms. Laufer, titled, “Dartmouth-AUK Connection: What it Means to AUK Students and Faculty”. The presentation expanded on student exchanges, the faculty fellowship program, and collaborative projects between the two universities.  

It is also worth noting that as an extension of the Dartmouth-AUK partnership, a total of six students were sent to Dartmouth this summer—four as interns and two as exchange students. This experience is designed to assist with personal growth, expanding students’ horizons academically and professionally, and it is also a means to connect the AUK and Dartmouth communities. 
Of equal importance is the Dartmouth-AUK Fellowship. Granted to an AUK faculty member on an annual basis, this fellowship allows professors to grow and expand their research by using the latest equipment in laboratories, collaborating with highly regarded professionals, and utilizing resources needed to publish their research in top journals and international conferences. 
The Dartmouth-AUK partnership is a medium of educational, cultural, and professional connection that joins its communities to provide them with a rich, holistic, and unparalleled experience that cannot be sought elsewhere.

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