International Applicants

All students are required to complete the application process and must be admitted into the university prior to receiving a student visa.

AUK will help host a temporary visitor visa prior to the beginning of the semester in order to allow time for processing the student visa.

Students that have earned a high school diploma or have taken college/university coursework from an educational institution outside of Kuwait must have their transcripts authenticated as follows:

  1. Students must bring two official transcripts in a sealed envelope from their high school.
  2. Students must bring their original high school diploma.
  3. The AUK Office of Admissions will assist students in submitting official high school transcripts to the Ministry of Education in Kuwait for authentication.
  4. Students must complete the authenticity process in order to be accepted into AUK, and must meet the English Proficiency Requirement.

AUK does not provide housing (dorms), and students are fully responsible for making their own arrangements from the time they land into Kuwait to the time they leave.

Disclaimer: All information provided here is subject to change according to Kuwait Governments' guidelines and laws.

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