Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are applicable to all students whether they are enrolled as degree-seeking, visiting, or non-degree students. Students must read the following table carefully along with the notes:
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Description KWD   Comments
Tuition Fees 
Standard Undergraduate Tuition  210 Per credit hour An additional KWD 20 per credit hour is charged for engineering courses
Computer and Electrical Engineering Declared Majors  230 Per credit hour All courses, including any other non-en-gineering courses, will be charged at this rate upon declaring a major in computer, electrical or systems engineering.
Intensive English Program  2,250 Per semester  
Application 35 Non-refundable   The application fee is charged for processing a candidate’s admission application
Enrollment Deposit 100 Non-refundable   Adjusted towards tuition fees. It is only valid for two regular semesters from the semester of admission
Others Fees and Charges 
Special Course and Activity As determined Per course/activity Non-refundable
Library 15

Per semester

Non-refundable. Library, technology, and student activity fees are reduced by 50% for the summer semester
Technology 50 Per semester
Student Activity 50 Per semester
Graduation 50 Per graduate  
Diploma Re-Issuance Fee 10 Per diploma  
Deferred Payment Service Charge (Installment Plan) 10 Per installment Any overdue amount in excess of KWD 100 will be charged at KWD 10 per month of deferral for a maximum of  KWD 30 per semester
Students who opt for deferred payment of their tuition & fees will be charged per installment at KWD 10
Late Payment 25 Per semester Any due amount that is more than KWD 100 not paid on or before the due date will also be subject to a late payment fee per semester in addition to the installment fees
IMPORTANT: The University reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees upon approval of the University Board of Trustees and the Private Universities Council, Ministry of Higher Education.


  1. Students should refer to the academic calendar & check their University emails on a regular basis to keep up to date on the due dates for payment & de-registration. 
  2. If a student withdraws from the University before the last day of the first week of classes, 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded (this does not include the non-refundable enrollment deposit).  
  3. If the student withdraws before the last day of the second week of classes, 50% of tuition and fees will be refunded (this does not include the non-refundable enrollment deposit).  
  4. After the end of the second week, the student is liable for the tuition and fees in full, therefore no refunds of tuition and fees will be processed. 
  5. Other fees and charges are applicable for both UG and IEP courses. Students are responsible for the cost of their textbooks and other course materials and supplies. 
  6. Government scholarship students are subject to the PUC scholarship rules and regulations. 
  7. Siblings attending AUK may be eligible for a tuition fee discount—contact the AUK Finance Department for further information. 
  8. Fees and charges are payable in the AUK Office of Finance located on the first floor of the administration building, and payable through the online payment gateway.
  9. AUK accepts the following methods of payments:
    1. Checks
    2. Credit Cards
    3. Debit Cards
    4. Cash
    5. Payment gateway through AUK Self-Service
      (go to Online Payment)

Once an application has been accepted and the applicant has received an offer of admission from AUK, the applicant is required to confirm his/her enrollment by submitting a KWD 100 non-refundable enrollment deposit to the AUK Finance Department. The deposit will be adjusted with the student’s first tuition payment. It is only valid for two regular semesters from the semester of admission. 
If the AUK Finance Department does not receive the enrollment deposit, it is considered that the applicant will not be attending AUK and cannot register for courses. 

By registering for AUK courses, the student is entering into a legally binding contract with AUK and is obligated to pay all related student fees and charges. 

Before classes begin, students are expected to settle their accounts or to have made satisfactory arrangements for payment of the student fees and charges. Fees and charges are payable in the Office of Finance.

AUK reserves the right to recover any amount due, including any additional costs incurred as a result of a collection process or legal action, and, if necessary, to forward financial obligations owed to AUK to a collection agency and/or to initiate legal proceedings.

All registered students who have not paid their tuition fees and charges, as per the payment options, or who have not made financial arrangements with the AUK Office of Finance will be automatically dropped from their courses on the day student fees and charges are due.

Full Payment 
All student fees and charges are paid on the day of registration. This means that students pay in full the fees and charges upon completion of their registration. 
Deferred Payment Scheme 
Should a student decide to participate in the deferred payment scheme, s/he pays 50% of his/her tuition and fees upon completion of his/her registration (inclusive of the enrollment deposit for newly admitted students). The remaining 50% is paid by monthly installments, within a maximum of three-monthly installments for regular semesters. A University service charge of KWD 10 is added to each installment. 

Students may apply for a refund of tuition fees as follows: 
  • Dropping courses per the provision outlined in the University catalog. 
  • Withdrawal from the semester or AUK per the provision outlined in the University catalog. 
  • Due to extenuating circumstances. 
Students petitioning for a refund based on extenuating circumstances must: 
  • Withdraw from courses by completing a Withdrawal from AUK form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. 
  • Provide a letter of request and verifiable written documentation supporting the request to the director of finance. 

Extenuating circumstances may include the death of an immediate family member, call to military duty, legal proceedings, and medical illness requiring hospital stay. Students receive their refund checks in their name. 
The University will have the final discretion in deciding student refunds on a case-by-case basis when student withdrawal from AUK is due to extenuating circumstances. 

The AUK Finance Department will place a "Finance Hold" on those students who fail to meet their financial obligations to AUK, including on-time payment of their respective payment plan. A hold prevents students from, among other things, collecting their AUK transcripts and registering for future classes.

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