Mohammad Akbar

Associate Professor of Communication

In 1976, Dr. Mohammad Akbar started working at Kuwait Television (KTV). He majored in History and Social Sciences. He worked alongside Khalil Abbas who was the highly respected studio director at KTV and the late Redah Al Faili who was the director of KTV. Upon the completion of his Master of Political Communication, Dr. Akbar served in several positions and his contribution to KTV2 news program earned him widespread respect among senior colleagues and was later appointed to numerous leadership positions within the Ministry of Information. In 1990, Dr. Akbar was awarded a scholarship from the Thompson Foundation to pursue studies in international media development and in the training of journalists in ethical standards and quality reporting. In 1991, Dr. Akbar was appointed as the first director of translation in KTV. The political climate of Kuwait at that time necessitated strong leadership and linguistic skills to deal with the political speeches made by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait and various political leaders. Dr. Mohammed serves as an associate professor at the American University of Kuwait, bringing in valuable experience gained over three decades in media communication, broadcast journalism, public relations, and translation into the classroom.