About CBE

Welcome to the College of Business and Economics. The college prepares students through an American educational experience combining quality intellectual challenge and ethical professional practice for careers in Kuwait and beyond.

Welcome to the College of Business and Economics at the American University of Kuwait (AUK). It is here where education comes to life and a world is moved by another degree. Should you be seeking to engage in scholarly activities with a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to serving wisely in support of all forms of dignity, I invite you to learn more about AUK, the College of Business and Economics, their Departments, Programs and Faculty.

The College of Business and Economics offers its undergraduate students a rigorous and forward-looking business education couched in the tradition of liberal arts that educates the whole person (socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally, ethically, and physically). In its pursuit of truth, the College of Business and Economics engages students in thinking critically and communicating effectively with widely different personalities. Moreover, efficient, effective, and professional business conduct necessitates our graduates to embrace governance, and sustainability mandates through an education that integrates leadership qualities for the common good.

The hallmark feature of the College of Business and Education is its intellectual diversity and breadth of teaching and learning that improves the quality of decision-making. Our undergraduate students encounter a range of courses in the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program with majors in the following disciplines: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Since AUK's mission is to be a leading liberal arts institution, the College of Business and Economics creates opportunities inside and outside the classroom to better prepare students for responsible citizenship by fostering creativity, flexibility, curiosity and innovation. We are extremely proud of our faculty and staff who breathe life and excitement into our courses and pursue scholarly research in a myriad of areas, and at the same time commit to helping students learn how to meet the challenges of our times locally and globally. Our graduates continue to hold their alma mater in proud stead.

On behalf of AUK and the College of Business and Economics, I am pleased to welcome you and look forward to a lasting relationship filled with the best of scholarship.

Dr. Ralph Palliam, D.Com (Pretoria)
Associate Professor of Business Administration
College of Business & Economics


Dean Dr. Ralph Palliam
Associate Dean for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Dr Lee G Caldwell
Internship and Academic Program Coordinator Ms Rana K Abdelhamid
Executive Assistant to the Dean Ms Tina Noronha

The College of Business and Economics provides an American educational experience producing ethical, innovative, articulate, and globally agile graduates.
The focus is on:

  • Communication: Demonstrate effective English language communication skills in writing and oral presentations.
  • Ethical behavior: Articulate ethical and professional responsibilities, recognize eth- ical dilemmas, and formulate ethical strategies.
  • Critical thinking: identify, evaluate, analyze, and solve diverse and unstructured management problems in unfamiliar settings, use, synthesize, and evaluate data / evi- dence, exercise judgment, and assess risks, understand the holistic and systemic nature of the organization and its internal and external environment.
  • Global and multi-cultural aspects of business: Understand diverse cultures; develop intercultural skills; understand global processes; and be prepared for citizen- ship, both local and global.
  • Entrepreneurial behavior: Entrepreneurship is value creation, iterative learning, opportunity identification, business development, venture creation and growth. Be- coming entrepreneurial is personal development, creativity, self-reliance, initiative tak- ing, and actionorientation.
  • Technology Agility: Develop a mastery of appropriate ICT in decision-making.

The College of Business and Economics strives to uphold the following values:

  • Freedom of thought, expression, and intellectual inquiry.
  • Respect for individual identity and rights, and cultural diversity.
  • Commitment to high standards of morality, integrity, and social responsibility.
  • Adherence to high professional standards and ethics.

The College of Business and Economics aspires to be a leading academic unit recognized locally, regionally, and internationally for its institutional distinctiveness, and academic excellence through the accomplishments of its graduates.


In April 2019, AACSB International awarded accreditation to the College of Business and Economics and all degrees offered by the College. AACSB, founded in 1916, is the most internationally prestigious accreditation awarded to business schools. Approximately 5% of business schools awarding bachelor’s degrees and above have achieved this accreditation.