Program Overview

The Department’s primary objective for the Accounting program is to expose students to the many facets of accounting. It provides accounting and business knowledge about practical and conceptual accounting, and the use of accounting information for effective managerial decision-making. The program prepares students for careers in private, public, and non-profit organizations. It also provides a solid undergraduate foundation for students interested in graduate programs in Accounting or other fields of study. The Department of Accounting reviews its curriculum on a regular basis to meet dynamic changes occurring in the accounting profession and business– both local and international.

The Department’s mission is to produce accounting graduates who have the academic and professional base of knowledge to meet real world challenges.

The Department’s vision is that it be recognized for its excellence in teaching, accounting research, and professional services.

  • Appreciation of diversity of people and perspectives
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching
  • Concern for students and emphasis on the need for accounting students to learn to think critically and communicate effectively
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Global orientation

Upon completion of the BBA major in Accounting, the student will be able to:

  1. Construct, interpret, compare, and audit annual financial statements; 
  2. Use key financial and nonfinancial measures to evaluate performance;
  3. Apply International Financial Reporting Standards;
  4. Assume the role of a professional accountant in compliance with local and international regulatory authorities;
  5. Integrate ethical standards in financial and managerial accounting and auditing practices and overcome impediments to ethical behavior;
  6. Present different costing methods applied in manufacturing and service industries; and
  7. Design, use, and maintain accounting information systems to substantiate decisions.