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Academic Advising

Academic advising assists students in selecting courses, enhancing academic performance, setting academic goals and planning for timely graduation. Academic advising also helps students understand and interpret academic policies and guidelines. Each semester, students are required to meet with their academic advisors to discuss course selection and to receive a RAC (Registration Access Control) number. Students are then responsible for registering for courses online.

All first-year and new transfer undergraduate students are assigned to the AAC for advising. The AAC also advises declared major students on academic probation. Students enrolled in semester 2 of the Intensive English Program should seek advising assistance from the AAC to facilitate a smooth transition to the undergraduate program.
Scholarship students are required to seek advising from the AAC based on their scholarship defined major.

When a student completes 60 credits of undergraduate work, s/he is required to declare a major. However, students may declare a major prior to reaching 60 earned credits. The major declaration form must be signed by the Academic Advising Center, the appropriate department chair, and the faculty advisor, then sent to the Office of the Registrar to update the student’s record. When students declare a major, they are assigned a faculty advisor by the appropriate department chair. The assigned faculty advisor is responsible for working with the student on such issues as course selection and academic challenges. Students are ultimately responsible for reviewing and understanding the requirements of the degree program in which they are declared. 

Scholarship students are required to declare their major in accordance with their scholarship defined major.

To facilitate the advising process, students are encouraged to become familiar with AUK’s online advising program—Degree Works, and the University’s academic catalog and requirements for degree completion. Students are responsible for contacting their advisors before each registration period or when help is needed. The academic advisor assists the student in the identification and selection of courses that meet general education and degree requirements after which the student is provided with a RAC (Registration Access Control) number for online registration.

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