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Disability Services

Disability services include identifying strategies to accommodate the learning requirements of students with disabilities. Requests for accommodation and access to university programs are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Prospective students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations must declare this in the relevant section of their admission application packet and provide specific verifiable documentation.

Students seeking accommodations who have not disclosed a disability at the time of admission or who after matriculation have discovered an impairment impeding their academic progress and success must follow the same disclosure and verification procedures as described for prospective students. The Center communicates with professors and assist them in providing the approved accommodations, refers students to other services on campus if needed, provides workshops on topics related to students with disabilities, and liaisons with various departments to maintain current and accurate information regarding students with disabilities. The Center provides short-term, solution-focused counseling services, crisis intervention and emergency support, and identifies, implements, and evaluates initiatives and accommodations designed to assist students with disabilities.

  • Prospective students must complete the Medical/Disability Disclosure Form included in the admissions application. 
  • Current students who wish to register for accommodations must register with the Counseling Center on self-service and submit valid documentations at the beginning of each semester. 
  • The Counseling Center will review the case, and if accommodations are available, will inform the student and appropriate University personnel.
  • The Counseling Center will meet the student to discuss available accommodations and update the student record on self-service accordingly.
  • The faculty member(s) and the student will receive the student’s accommodation plan via email and the student can then use this to disclose any information concerning their accommodations to said faculty.
  • The accommodation plan is to be updated each term, to include the approved accommodation(s) and necessary list of faculty members and signatures.

Reasonable accommodations may include one or more of the following:
  • Handicapped parking
  • Extended time for in-class writing, projects and lab reports(25%)
  • Extended time for timed exams, quizzes and activities that require completion on the same day(25%)
  • Use of an audio recorder (provided by student)  
  • Preferential/Distraction-Reduced Seating when available
  • Seating access/specialized furniture/devices (provided by student)
  • Calculator (provided by student)  
  • Copies of Lecture Slides 
  • Enlarged print handouts/tests 
  • Exemption from oral presentations in class
  • Excuse to leave class when needed
  • Proctoring exams outside the classroom (Proctored Testing form to be submitted 3 days before the test)

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