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Student Clubs & Organizations

Students can join existing clubs or start a new club, from academic and literary to social and cultural. Currently, there are approximately twenty clubs open to students who wish to participate in and/or join. An Involvement Fair is held twice a year (once every semester) to promote clubs and encourage membership.

Student clubs contribute to the total college experience. Students can join or establish clubs, from the academic and literary, to the social and cultural.

Academic Social Awareness
Economics Club Mental Health Club
IEP Club Fikir
Finance Club General Interest
Media Club Music Club
The Arabic and Debate Club Art Club
AUKMUN Mind and Muscle Club
International Relations Club Movie Club
Community Service Talent Club
AUKause Anthropology Club
CharitAble Club Women Empowerment Club
Honor Society AUK Gaming Club
Beta Gamma Sigma Languages Club
Lamda Pi Eta Food Club
Sigma Tau Delta  
Alpha Psi Omega  

Detailed information can be obtained from the Office of Student Life.

The Student Council (SC) provides an opportunity for students to hone their leadership skills and practice participatory government. The University encourages the active participation of the SC in university life. The SC, including student representatives from various campus constituencies through the student delegation is the principle medium of the student voice in university affairs. The SC gives members valuable learning experiences in the creation, organization, and functioning of many student activities, and members also serve on university committees where student representation is required.

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Voice is a student-run magazine that seeks to foster active communication among the entire campus community and keep it abreast of diverse and relevant issues by providing high-quality news and information. It also strives to heighten awareness of the rights and responsibilities of membership in the AUK community and promotes an environment of academic freedom and freedom of expression. Students who work on the magazine are provided with reporting, editorial, and management experience, and are expected to observe the established standards of professional journalism.

Voice, v18, Issue 4


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  • 1 80 20 40 , Ext. 3421
  • Student Center – Floor 2 – The Voice of AUK Office

All student clubs and organizations, including Student Council and Voice, are advised and guided by a member of faculty or staff.

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