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AUK Celebrates 57th Anniversary of Kuwait’s Constitution

08th Dec 2019 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) Library hosted the Kuwait National Assembly to celebrate the 57th anniversary of Kuwait’s Constitution. During their time on campus, representatives from the National Assembly interpreted different articles of the constitution, in addition to explaining the constitutional culture, and the mission of the National Assembly. 

As part of their activities, the National Assembly organized the Constitution Day competition which required students to answer a short online quiz to enter the draw for valuable prizes. The competition’s five winners will be announced on December 5th, and they will receive various cash prizes.

The director of the library, Ms. Asma Al-Kanan, commented, “We try to collaborate with governmental and non-governmental institutions to bring opportunities to our students whereby they learn about Kuwait’s history, culture, and government. Students had the opportunity to interact directly with representatives from the National Assembly and ask questions that might help them in their studies.” She also recognized the significance of this national anniversary by saying, “The issuance of the constitution was a significant moment in the history of Kuwait which laid down the system of government and the main principles of liberty, justice, and equality.” 

One of the National Assembly’s representatives, Mr. Mohammad Al-Awadh, commented, “It was a really interesting event, we enjoyed being in the library to pass information about Kuwait’s constitution and history to faculty, staff, and especially students. It was interesting to explore their knowledge in this area and had a great time discussing what this information can add to their studies.” The representative also mentioned that his favorite part was the interaction with the AUK students and adding to their knowledge in a way that compliments their education.

Representatives of the Kuwait National Assembly in the AUK library

Members of the AUK community visiting the display

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