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AUK Launches Office for Research and Grants (ORG)

28th Jun 2021 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

To continue building research capacity at AUK, the Board of Trustees have approved a resolution to launch AUK’s Office for Research and Grants (ORG) that aims at building research capacity at AUK.  The ORG will provide our faculty with research funding and resources, research related engagement opportunities, and appropriate training to support research and scholarly related activities and production.  It is founded on the premise that investing our resources into our faculty, staff, and students, not only cultivates talent from within, but energizes a creation of knowledge that is bold, innovative, and impactful.

The Office for Research and Grants (ORG) will ensure compliance with funding guidelines, rules, and regulations and upholding ethical, scientific, and fiscal integrity concerning research and grant activities;  assist  faculty in their acquisition of external funding; build partnerships with faculty, students, and administrators so that our various research and funding agendas are supported and advanced to move the institution forward;  foster industry and academia partnership; and conduct outreach and engagement with local and international research bodies.  

The President of AUK, Dr. Rawda Awwad, has appointed Dr. Iyad Abo Doush, Associate Professor of Computer Science in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, as the founding Director of the Office for Research and Grants (ORG).  

"The Office of Research and Grants is a pivotal step towards demonstrating the potential of the American University as a research institution, which is an urgent necessity for the university's growth and institutional maturity as one of the pioneers of Kuwait’s private education industry. In addition to supporting the faculty research activity, the Office will promote student research participation and give them opportunities to present and publish their research with the help of the faculty,” said Dr. Abo Doush

ORG’s most immediate plan of action is to encourage the development of research clusters; identify performance indicators; and continuously update policies to promote AUK’s research culture and that are also aligned with evolving international standards.  ORG will also be responsible for strengthening undergraduate student research and publications, and faculty/student research collaborations.  While operational needs are a focus, ORG will also explore ways in developing the research infrastructure supported through partnerships and research based collaborative agreements that are strategic and long term. 

President Rawda Awwad stated: “Our Board of Trustees have always recognized the importance of research and scholarly production.  The launching of ORG marks a renewed commitment to getting serious about making AUK’s research and scholarly production matter by ensuring that it has the desirable social impact that we are aiming for.”

President of AUK, Dr. Rawda Awwad

Dr. Iyad Abo Doush, Associate Professor of Computer Science in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences