Department of Accounting & Finance

Department Chair: Mr. Rabindranath Bhattacharya, MBA


The Department of Accounting and Finance offers the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

The Department’s BBA in Finance degree resembles the program structure of an American education system and standards. It provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for professional success. AUK enriches society by fostering an environment encouraging critical thinking, effective communication, personal growth, service, and leadership.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance is to be recognized locally, regionally, and internationally by the scholarly and professional accomplishments of its graduates.

The following values are to be upheld:

  • Respect for individual identity and rights
  • Equality for ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity
  • Commitment to high standards of morality, integrity, and social responsibility
  • Adherence to high professional standards and ethics

Minors in the College of Business and Economics

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