Course Descriptions and Syllabi

MRKT 200 Principles of Marketing (3)
Introduction to marketing decision-making in business and nonprofit organizations. Particular attention is devoted to analysis of customer needs; segmenting markets; and developing product, promotion, pricing and distribution strategies. Relationships between consumers, business, and government are explored. Prerequisite: ECON 101 or ECON 200.
MRKT 309 Principles of E-Commerce (3)
Internet marketing; decision making regarding promotion, pricing and distribution strategies via the Internet; product development and e-marketing; electronic markets; Internet purchasing behavior; Internet and e-mail advertising; Web sponsorships; Internet marketing ethics. Case studies of U.S. and Kuwaiti companies that have active Internet presence. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 329 International Marketing (3)
Examines theories, practices, and contemporary issues related to global marketing management and the international marketing environment. The course discusses strategic decisions related to international product and policies and examines ethical issues, global marketing organizations, and multi-national economic integration. Applications of global marketing strategies will be discussed through case analysis.  Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 349 Consumer Behavior (3)
The course examines the patterns and factors influencing the consumer and organizational behavior. The course material also includes concepts and findings from behavioral sciences. Analysis includes an integrated model of consumer behavior and the elements that influence decision-making process. Consumer behavior in global markets is also emphasized. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 355 Promotion and Advertising (3)
Development of a promotional and advertising campaign for clients; formulation of advertising strategy, targeted audiences and consumer; multimedia campaign planning, campaign execution, and campaign evaluation. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 369 Short Course (1-3)
Topic varies by semester. Classes are taught by a guest lecturer or lecturers. Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Permission of instructor. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 388 Independent Study (1-3)
Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Permission of instructor. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 389 Special Topics (3)
Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Permission of instructor. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 401 Marketing Research (3)
Applies the scientific investigation in solving marketing problems. Topics include problem/opportunity formulation, determination of objectives, creation of research design, selection of data collection method, data analysis, interpretation of results, report production, and follow-up activities. There is a focus on strategic implications of marketing research and real-life applications through case analysis. Junior standing. Prerequisites: STAT 201 and MRKT 200.
MRKT 413 Marketing Capstone: Marketing Strategy (3)
Methodology of planning and development strategy for marketing consumer products and services; launching a new product or service; interfacing with sales forecasting, test marketing, marketing research, segmentation, positioning, analysis of the competition, research and development and profit. Case studies used. Senior standing. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.
MRKT 415 Supply Chain Management (3)
Analyzes the various factors involved in designing and managing channels of distribution. The role of various channel members and their behavior, conflicts, cooperation, and motivation will be examined along with marketing logistics such as the impact of distribution policies on costs and customer service. Models and quantitative methods are utilized. Senior standing. Prerequisites: MRKT 200 and STAT 201.
MRKT 470 Internship in Marketing (1-3)
An internship experience with the requirement that the student write a report summarizing what the internship job added to his or her knowledge of Marketing and related fields. Students are limited to a maximum of 3 internship credit hours for any major and 6 credits overall. Permission of instructor. This is a pass/fail course. Prerequisite: MRKT 200.